EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS STORIES but details are easily lost when individual family members (the repositories of our histories) pass on or cherished photos and artifacts are lost or misplaced. The LEGACY Series is the perfect way to preserve and display of your special memories.


This was the beginning of The LEGACY Series, a composite of great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter. Click on the images below for an enlarged version of each picture.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Some were born in Wyoming and some in Nebraska and when we got to South Dakota, more were born . . ."

Even in the early to mid 1900's a family of 17 children was a bit unusual. At the 1954 family reunion, the Speeses were able to gather all but one surviving sibling in the same place at the same time. This composite image is one way to show all family members. Only one, who died in infancy and for whom there are no photos, is not shown in this piece. Two of the original 17 are still with us, now in their 70's they both live in Kansas City.

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